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Our ambition

The European Surgical Centre for Metastatic Disease should help patients with metastatic disease to get in contact with experts independent of primary tumor side and location of metastasis. 

The Centre brings together physicians of various areas of expertise including internal Medicine, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gynecology, Radiotherapy, Radiology and Surgery.

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Mission and Scope

Metastases are frequently resistant to established oncologic treatments and might require the close collaboration of different experts in the field. This interdisciplinary approach involving physicians and health care professionals (nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists) represents the defining feature of a comprehensive tumor medicine. In order to offer such patients the best possible treatment, first a holistic diagnostic workup using novel methods and devices is required to identify the real state of disease. The European Surgical Centre for Metastatic Disease is searching for new ways and successful treatment strategies grounding on recent research findings for the individual patient.

We aim to facilitate fast diagnostic workup using new generation devices and to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and want to transfer recent research findings into clinical routine. The European Surgical Centre for Metastatic Disease aims at facilitating the medical expertise to offer the individual patient a clear and best possible therapeutic concept. We further aim to take responsibility for the individual therapy and support patients before, during and after therapy.