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Lymph nodes with metastatic disease

After detaching from the primary tumor cancer cells can travel through the lymphatic system and may spread beyond the primary tumor location in different parts of the body.
Our body has a network of lymphatic vessels which is part of the its immune system. Lymph node metastases may occur before the primary tumor is diagnosed. Usually the surrounding suspect lymph nodes are also extracted when surgery for the primary tumor is performed. However, lymph node metastases may also occur within a certain period after the initially successful treatment. In this situation a more delicate treatment is required. Therefore, we have specialists in the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop individual treatment plans for the individual patient diagnosed with lymph node metastases.

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Treatment of lymph node metastases

Chemotherapeutic regimens are predominantly used in such a situation. Surgery is not usually an option in patients with diffuse lymph node metastases, but in certain cases a surgical intervention and/or radio-therapeutic approach may reduce tumor mass. Specialists of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center collaborate closely in such cases and try to develop a holistic treatment plan for this type of metastatic disease.
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