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Metastases of other tissues

Cancer can spread almost in every part of the body. Rarer sites of metastases are

  • the thyroid gland
  • the pancreas
  • pleura
  • skin
  • bladder and
  • the kidneys or
  • adrenal glands

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These types of metastases...

...might cause no or only few symptoms and therefore might only be discovered during routine medical visits. Tests to diagnose metastatic disease may include physical examination, laboratory tests, imaging tests and biopsies to examine cancerous tissue under a microscope. 

Treatment options

Surgery may be used to remove these types of metastasis (such as removal of the adrenal gland, parts of the pancreas). Individual multimodal therapeutic regimens that might include surgical, chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic options will be developed by specialists of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center for each patient.
Click here to find the range of therapy options of the European Surgical Centre for Metastatic Disease.