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Service of the Surgical Centre of Metastatic Disease

In metastatic disease the management should meet the individual and unique needs of each person with cancer. Treatment plans are based on a thorough diagnostic work-up. Different diagnostic tests may be conducted, depending on each patient's medical history, unique symptoms and general health condition. At the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center experts will review each patient's history and already available diagnostic results and will provide individual concepts that may include the performance of further more specific diagnostic examinations or the start of a specific treatment.

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  • Performance of diagnostic work-up and support throughout the diagnostic process when a tumor disease is suspected
  • Provision of individual multimodal treatment plans in close collaboration of cancer specialists (surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists)
  • Performance of all examinations and treatment procedures in a single centre (CCCC)
  • Performance of highly sophisticated surgical procedures
  • Provision of individual follow-up after treatment
  • Provision of information on cutting edge treatment options and the possibility to participate in clinical trials
  • Second opinion
  • Psycho-oncological counselling
  • The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center offers best supportive care to help patients to meet the practical, physical and emotional challenges of dealing with metastatic disease