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Second Opinion

Once cancer has spread in the body and metastases are diagnosed it may seem unlikely to completely eliminate every cancer cell. Even though nowadays multimodal therapeutic approaches for patients with metastatic disease may benefit from individual treatment addressing the patient's unique needs. The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center offers additional consultation by specialists in the field as a second opinion.


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Your request for a second opinion

A second opinion can be useful in every state of a disease, even if you are already undergoing specific therapy.

In case of a request for a second opinion we need to review any tests, procedures and/or treatments that you have had already.

For this we need …

  • all radiological images,
  • all copies of written radiological reports,
  • all available medical summaries related to your hospital admissions or ER-visits because of your disease,
  • in addition: please inform us about your questions that you want to be discussed ahead of your visit.

The documents will be preprocessed and then discussed at the tumor conferences of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Please note: A hospital admission may be required to complete the diagnostic work-up and to provide advice with regard to a recommended treatment or treatment of choice. We are here to help you organize a visit in our outpatient or inpatient departments.